Dominique (2013 Demo Version)

by Kadinja

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LandY dat intro tho' <3

very melodic, very catchy and of course djenty as f
Steve Sanko
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Steve Sanko More awesome Paris trotting version 3.0. Keep watching Kadinja - not just for the guitars which all "in the know" already know...listen for the dynamics and absence / drop-offs of instrumentation and interesting production....always at the right moment for maximum effect...not playing shows more maturity than playing. I love this band.
Connor Chamberlain
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Connor Chamberlain Even without the mind blowing solo I've grown accustomed to on Kadinja songs, this single still has me smiling and head banding all the way through. I don't think you guys can ever make a bad song. This rules, can't wait for the album!!


Dominique, First single off of Kadinja's upcoming debut LP!


As frantic numbers
Chasing down the hours
And the unity
I live as a nervous needle
We are the nervous needles

Ride out the pain
Words eat me away
You're the needle
That pierces my throat
No matter how i tried
To Spit out your disease
Your fears
That covered the wall
Of our lives

Scratch my pages
For your smile in the dark
Disfunctional feelings
My love
I surrender myself to You

Despite the end of Seasons
I remain
From winter through the never
Despite the end of Seasons
I remain
Passions are still roaming

Further the way, to find our parallels
Til the bursting point of ourselves
From day to day
As a change of season
People think we live only through our senses
And that the world of appearences, is all I need
Is all you need, is all we need

Behind our sealed lips,
Our days are dying
My love we're crying
Through our times fading away
We were a hope through sorrow,
Beyond the surface we looked into our minds,
We've done our best

Despite the end of Seasons
I remain
From winter through the never
Despite the death of Seasons
I remain
Passions are still roaming


released June 28, 2015
Music written by Pierre Danel

Lyrics written by Philippe Charny

Music recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered by Pierre Danel and Amaël Durand

Music and lyrics arranged by Kadinja

Artworks by Matt Rouland for Memoria Designs



all rights reserved